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‘Glaring problems’ in Kentucky’s death penalty writes Eric Mount

Long-time abolition advocate Eric Mount has written an excellent column published in Danville’s Advocate-Messenger online site.

After discussing the national trend away from the use of the death penalty and the growing awareness that it costs far more to prosecute, convict and carry out death sentences than it does to use the punishment of life without parole (which has been available to Kentucky prosecutors since 1998), Mount goes on to report about the ABA Kentucky Assessment report that has been available to legislators since 2011.

Citing the disturbing findings of the report, Mount concludes his column in this way:

When the Kentucky General Assembly has its next regular session, there will again be proposals to abolish the death penalty, but the past history of such efforts is not encouraging, despite numerous good reasons to abolish it. At least, however, we can harbor the hope that the ABA report’s findings will lead to the declaration of a moratorium on the use of the death penalty until the substantial problems cited in the report are rectified to make the system more just and more efficient.

We certainly encourage supporters to imitate Eric in taking action to advance the cause of abolition. One sure way to make your voice heard is to call 1.800.372.7181 and leave a message for your State Senator and State Representative. As for them to support the abolition bill which will be introduced in January 2018. Strongly suggest they should co-sponsor this legislation.

Here is a personal statement which Eric made for KCADP’s YouTube video series. The death penalty is on trial and Eric is an excellent witness against its use.


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