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Bills filed in both chambers to abolish the death penalty


Call Kentucky Legislators: 1.800.372.7181

Ask For Support of SB 54 and HB 155

Sen. Gerald Neal and Rep. Chad McCoy have filed bills to abolish the death penalty in their respective chambers.

Both SB 54 and HB 155 remove the death penalty as an option for punishment for persons convicted of crimes now eligible for the death penalty. When the death penalty is abolished, prosecutors, jurors and judges will still have the means to hold a guilty party accountable and punish him or her severely:

  • Life without benefit of probation or parole; or
  • Life without benefit of probation or parole for 25 years or
  • Life sentences; or
  • A term of a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 50 years

Ending the use of the death penalty in Kentucky would free up tax dollars now wasted by prosecutors who decide to seek the death penalty. Since 2010, elected Commonwealth Attorneys in just a few of Kentucky’s 120 counties have pursued the death penalty in expensive trials. In nearly all cases, the jurors told them NO and imposed one of the sentences listed above. Asking for death is far more costly than asking for life without parole. Study after study in other states conclude punishing killers by sentencing them to life without parole is less costly than trying to kill them.

When the state decides not to execute prisoners it ends the possibility of executing the wrong person, an innocent person. Kentucky almost did this when a prosecutor committed misconduct that was partially the cause of putting a Kentucky teenager on death row. Larry Osborne, after winning a unanimous Kentucky Supreme Court victory, got a new trial, this time a fair trial. And the jury said “NOT GUILTY” and his life on death row was over.

Every year more death row inmates are exonerated. The total number as of this date is 160 death row inmates exonerated and free. Human beings make mistakes. Knowing that, it is unconscionable to keep putting anyone on death row.

Many falsely believe that victim family members need executions to bring them “closure” or justice. KCADP has several victim family members on our board actively working to end the death penalty. To really find out what many victim family members conclude about the use of the death penalty we recommend reading No need to killHere family members tell their own stories and why killing another person is not going to help them, and, indeed, might actually harm them.

Your voice is important and lawmakers tell us time and again, we need to hear from constituents. Now is your chance to have an impact and change Kentucky for the better. Call 1.800.372.7181 and ask your State Senators and State Representatives to co-sponsor and support these two bills: Senate Bill 54 and House Bill 155.

Graphic: Riverbirch Productions

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