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64% of Kentuckians agree that Kentucky should abandon the death penalty

In a recent poll conducted by the University of Kentucky Survey Research Center, nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, of Kentuckians agreed that the punishment of life without parole should replace the death penalty. They were asked to consider that victim family members had to wait years not knowing when the execution would be carried out, but that […]

Lexington Herald-Leader–‘Abandon executions: Death penalty unfair, illogical and costly’

From the Lexington Herald-Leader’s “Abandon executions: Death penalty unfair, illogical and costly” by Brian Cooney,  emeritus professor of philosophy at Centre College: Kentucky’s use of the death penalty deserves the harsh criticism it has lately received from the American Bar Association, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights and an Oct. 24 editorial in The New […]

ABA Kentucky Assessment Team to report its findings to House Judiciary Committee on Jan. 25

House Judiciary Committee Chairperson Rep. John Tilley (D-Christian and Trigg) has invited members of the ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project to testify before the committee. We reported in December that this team’s two-year investigation found many severe flaws in the process as practiced in Kentucky and made several unanimous recommendations. One recommendation is that […]

Public News Service report shares KCADP’s thoughts on ABA assessment

From the Public News Service’s “Public Opinion and Legal Experts’ Review of Death Penalty Signal End?“: “Broken beyond repair” is how death penalty abolitionists describe Kentucky’s system of capital punishment. They believe results of a two-year review of the death penalty by legal scholars, attorneys and former Kentucky Supreme Court justices signal it is time […]

State-Journal readers poll results reinforce ABA’s scientific findings: Kentuckians are demanding a death penalty moratorium

In the wake of the American Bar Association’s damning assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty, last week the Frankfort State-Journal asked its readers, “Should Kentucky suspend executions while working to correct flaws in the death-penalty system?.” The results: a whopping 68 percent of responders said yes. That survey reinforced the American Bar Association’s scientific poll, which […]

ABA President, two former Kentucky Supreme Court Justices: ‘Suspend Kentucky executions’

In the wake of the American Bar Association’s damning assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty, American Bar Association President Wm. (Bill) Robinson—a former president of the Kentucky Bar Association too—joined former Kentucky Supreme Court justices James E. Keller and Martin E. Johnstone (members of the assessment team) in writing an op-ed piece for the Louisville Courier-Journal. […]

ABA team member and Brandeis professor talks about Kentucky’s broken death penalty system

Linda Ewald, a retired faculty member from the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville and member of the ABA assessment team that called for Kentucky to suspend the death penalty, spoke with Louisville’s WFPL yesterday. Audio of the conversation is available at WFPL’s website. Photo: Courtesy University of Louisville‘s Louis D. Brandeis […]

LEO Weekly criticizes Attorney General Jack Conway for disregarding ABA findings

From  LEO Weekly’s “Jack Conway wants to continue killing people” by Joe Sonka: Yesterday, the American Bar Association recommended suspending executions in Kentucky, as their extensive study found serious flaws in our judicial system relating to capital punishment. They were joined by the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Kentucky Public Advocate Ed Monahan, and Louisville […]

ABA call for death penalty moratorium in Kentucky draws massive media coverage

No surprise, the American Bar Association’s call for Kentucky to suspend all executions in the wake of its two-year assessment has been getting major attention from media outlets across the commonwealth and beyond. Louisville Courier Journal: “Kentucky should suspend death penalty, ABA panel recommends“ Lexington Herald-Leader: “Lawyers: Kentucky should suspend executions until flaws fixed“ WFPL […]

ABA poll taken this month finds 62 percent of Kentuckians support a death-penalty moratorium

From today’s release of the findings from the American Bar Association’s two-year assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty: A recent poll shows that a majority of Kentuckians support a suspension of executions to allow time for problems within the system to be remedied. The November 30-December 4 survey of 405 most likely voters statewide found 62 […]

Alabama case ‘leaves no doubt why the death penalty should be abolished’

From The New York Times’s “A Dreadful Missed Deadline“: Alabama is a step from executing Cory Maples for a reason so grievously wrong that the case argued Tuesday at the Supreme Court should leave no doubt why the death penalty should be abolished. Besides being barbaric, case after case is rife with constitutional defects. Mr. […]

American Bar Association releases ‘Frequently asked questions about the ABA assessment on the Kentucky Death Penalty’

The American Bar Association (ABA) is conducing an assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty and recently posted the answers to some frequently asked questions on its website. Either select that link or follow the jump to read that information.

Five Kentucky lawmakers ask Gov. Beshear not to sign death warrants until ABA review is finalized

Last week five members of the Kentucky legislature–Democrats and Republicans–asked Gov. Steve Beshear to refrain from signing any death warrants until after the American Bar Association completes its review of Kentucky’s use of the death penalty. The representatives are Jim Wayne (D-Louisville) David Floyd (R-Bardstown, minority whip) Kelly Flood (D-Lexington) Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville) Joni Jenkins […]

Courier-Journal’s editorial board: ‘Abandon capital punishment’

Louisville newspaper is right in wanting Kentucky’s death penalty abolished, but wrong in thinking it’d be difficult politically for the state legislature In an editorial on Sunday, “Death penalty delays,” the Louisville Courier-Journal‘s editorial board argues that Kentucky should abolish the death penalty: The best step for Kentucky — one that would require political courage — […]

‘Glaring problems’ in Kentucky’s death penalty writes Eric Mount

Long-time abolition advocate Eric Mount has written an excellent column published in Danville’s Advocate-Messenger online site. After discussing the national trend away from the use of the death penalty and the growing awareness that it costs far more to prosecute, convict and carry out death sentences than it does to use the punishment of life […]

New Book to Help Attorneys Argue Death Penalty Cases Edited by Kentucky’s Public Advocate

Kentucky Public Advocate Ed Monahan and Dean of the Florida State University College of Social Work James Clark have teamed up and edited a new book to help clients receive top-notch representation from those representing them. According to the publisher, the American Bar Association, Tell the Client’s Story: Mitigation in Criminal and Death Penalty Cases ‘”provides litigation […]

Fayette Circuit Court Judge Declares Death Penalty Unconstitutional for Persons Under 21

Judge Ernesto Scorsone has ruled in the case of Travis Bredhold that the Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney may not seek the death penalty because Bredhold was under the age of 21 when the crime for which he is charged took place. In Roper the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that persons under the age of 18 […]

Champion & Invest in KCADP

“Now is the time to champion and invest in KCADP,” writes Tulio Tourinho, a staunch KCADP supporter and officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department. As a person sworn to uphold the law and protect the public, Officer Tourinho believes in respecting human life. As an active duty police officer I am guided by my moral […]

Former prosecutors call for repeal of death penalty

Three former prosecutors have called for replacing the death penalty with life without parole for those convicted of capital murder in Kentucky. In addition to being a prosecutor Stephen Ryan is a retired circuit court judge who sentenced prisoners to death. Their plea was published in the state’s two newspapers with the highest circulation, the Courier-Journal […]

Kentuckians: halt executions until problems are fixed

In a recent poll conducted by the University of Kentucky Survey Research Center, Kentuckians overwhelmingly (72.4 percent) said they would support the governor if he imposed a moratorium on executions until Kentucky’s broken death penalty system is fixed. The level of support now is dramatically higher than it was five years ago when a Kentucky […]

Prosecutor misconduct significant in Kentucky death penalty reversals

The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) announced there is a new study by Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project which reports that a handful of prosecutors are responsible for 15% of the death sentences imposed on defendants nationwide. The report also reveals that 20% of the more than 150 innocent defendants released because of wrongful convictions […]

Innocent but on death row: Damon Thibodeaux shares his story in ‘Stolen Years’

For evidence that the death penalty is broken beyond repair, you don’t need to look any further than the case of Damon Thibodeaux. Sentenced to death after confessing to the murder and rape of his teenage step-cousin, Thibodeaux was in fact innocent: exhausted, he’d made a false confession. And at trial, holes in that admission […]

Death penalty use declining around the nation

The Death Penalty Information Center released its 2015 annual report on Wednesday, December 16, announcing that The use of the death penalty in the U.S. declined by virtually every measure in 2015. The 28 executions this year marked the lowest number since 1991, according to a report released today by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC). […]

Calls for abolition highlighted in state’s major newspaper on Nov. 8 – part 3

The Courier-Journal published the work of four columnists and a timeline of recent Kentucky history and the death penalty on Sunday in its Forum section. The columnists comprised a group of “unusual” suspects, not the kind of folks associated with opposition to the death penalty: a former executioner and dean at a university, a victim […]

U. S. Supreme Court rules midazolam may be used in executions

Today’s Supreme Court ruling regarding the use of midazolam in executions will have no immediate effect on Kentucky because Kentucky has no protocol in place and is unable to execute anyone at this time. This ruling allowing the use of midazolam in executions ignores the fact that the death penalty is falling into disuse across […]

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