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What we do

Please sign up to support the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty’s efforts.


KCADP educates members of the Kentucky Legislature about why the death penalty is costly; out of step with modern thinking; risky; unfair, broken, and arbitrary; and unnecessary; and that victims’ families deserve more care and compassion.

We work with legislators and like-minded groups to pass bills restricting the death penalty and to oppose legislation that would expand its use.


KCADP provides educators and students in high schools, colleges and universities, and law schools with


KCADP harnesses the support of the 67 percent of Kentuckians who prefer options other than the death penalty and gains new followers by

  • convincing Kentuckians to take a public stand against the death penalty
  • helping the media cover the death penalty in Kentucky
  • hosting tables at public events to build awareness and gain members
  • maintaining an online presence
  • speaking with community groups

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